Amir Alexander Hasson

Partial List of Public Presentations

  • Keynote Speaker at Mobistar Innova Conference
    12/2010, Santiago, Chile
  • Keynote Speaker at IEEE ACM Mobicom 2010 Conference
    09/2010, Chicago, IL
  • Speaker at Qualcomm 2009 Annual Conference
    09/2009, New Delhi, India
  • Member at Aspen Institute India Roundtable
    02/2008, Kerala and New Delhi, India
  • Panelist at UC Santa Barbara Digital Transitions Conference
    04/2006, Santa Barbara, CA
  • Presenter at Investors’ Circle National Venture Fair
    10/2004, Cambridge, MA
  • Member at Aspen Institute Roundtable
    08/2004, Aspen, CO
  • Presenter at UNDP Forum, World Summit on the Info. Society
    12/2003, Geneva, Switzerland
  • Presenter at Swedish Internt'l Development Agency Conference
    06/2003, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Speaker at Investors' Circle Fall Venture Fair
    10/2010, Washington, DC
  • Panelist at MIT Technology Review EmTech Conference
    09/2010, Cambridge, MA
  • Panelist at Investors’ Circle Spring Venture Fair
    05/2008, San Francisco, CA
  • Panelist at TIEcon East Conference
    06/2007, Boston, MA
  • Panelist at World Resources Institute Conference
    12/2004, San Francisco, CA
  • Presenter at United Nations Conference
    09/2004, Monterrey, Mexico
  • Keynote Speaker at UNDP & ITU Conference
    02/2004, Trieste, Italy
  • Presenter at United Nations Conference
    06/2003, New York City, NY (Televised)
  • Presenter at UN ICT Task Force Meeting
    09/2002, World Bank HQ, Paris, France